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Default Re: full list of powers for the seven dwarven rings of power

The Tolkien rings amplified the ability of their owners to acquire wealth, whether by mining or other means. As Rings of Power, they also increased their wearer's abilities and tendency toward rule and domination. The corrupting influence made the dwarf-lords greedy.

Tolkien himself doesn't go into much more detail than a few sentences along those lines. So a "full list of powers" would be whatever you want them to be. And depending on your game, those powers might not even be Tolkien-esque. Perhaps your dwarves are reclusive or eremetic, and their rings help them isolate themselves underground. Perhaps they make their wearers great craftsmen. Perhaps they make them incredibly hardy and enduring (still fitting with Tolkien's rings, which in general terms resist decay of whatever is loved). Whatever dwarves are like in this setting, enhance those traits.
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