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Default Re: full list of powers for the seven dwarven rings of power

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I just finished rereading The Lord of the Rings, and I don't recall any specific power being attributed to the Seven Rings of the Dwarf-Lords. Presumably it would have been either an amplification effect, similar to that exhibited by the Three Rings of the Elves, or that ability to channel a small portion of the One Ring's power that seemed to have brought the Nine Kings of Men under Sauron's sway as the Nazgul (or Ringwraiths).

I don't recall offhand if this tidbit was from LotR or The Hobbit, but I do recall from somewhere that Gandalf strongly suspected that Smaug was drawn to the Lonely Mountain in the first place by the aura of power surrounding a Dwarf-ring somewhere in the Dwarf-Lord's hoard.
ICE RoleMaster LOME books were notorious for giving arbitrary (list of) powers for every individuals and items in LotR... (including the infamous Lobelia Baggins Umbrella, strike as a +15 mace iirc).
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