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Default Re: Telescoping combat turns, ala EABA v2

Originally Posted by Mr_Sandman View Post
I think the motivation is that you can still do things like take out guards and other low-level threats quickly in game time, but bigger fights take on a more epic time scale, and allow heroic holding actions or coordinating with non-combat actions like hacking, lock-picking, magic rituals, etc. that don't scale well with one second combat. I've never tried it though, so I could be wrong.
This is the right idea; to allow some fights to end quickly and brutally, make room for those all-important quick-draws or panic shots in the opening seconds etc., and as you shift into more extended combat things get a bit "fuzzier" placing more importance on economizing your actions with the available time and options, making room for cinematic film-like action scenes (where one person might be hacking a door in "realtime" while the rest hold off the merc forces, someone trying to mix an impromptu explosive from cleaning supplies during a firefight, keeping enemy forces busy until help arrives, trying to hotwire a car so you can escape the rampaging monster, whatever) and lowering the resolution of individual second-to-second actions to keep things moving quickly and provide room for everyone to "do their thing" without feeling sidelined for the combat duration.
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