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Oh, right, forgot to add a Pulse laser option. At 2d cr ex, it isn't that exciting but when damage goes up to 4d or 5d, you are talking a range 200 grenade with Acc 12 on the "throwing" roll... that has a lot of uses! Does open the age old question of when to use "contact explosion" and "internal explosion" rules for weapons that do ex damage. I've tentatively considered "doesnt penetrate DR but does hit" as a contact explosion (max normal damage) and "penetrates DR" as an internal explosion (triple rolled damage).

Lwcamp's nifty beam weapon page adds Prod, Tentanize, and EMP options to the EL mode, and an EMP mode could prove very useful against robots (though I guess in UT RAW, ELs aff still affects machines too, at the same HT-2).

I actually love just about everything on Lwcamps page, though he doesn't allow for any kind of explosive damage for a laser. Damn reality for being boring.

And I didn't mention it, but this does have the usual Laser Sight, HUD, etc that comes standard on TL 9+ guns, since that is wrapped into the price of the HEL/EL.

The only accessory to add is a Telescopic sight (Lwcamp suggests an SLR sight! neat!), but that can probably wait till you put a stock on it. Though if you DO have hud glasses, even the flashlight version could benefit. Thats +2 bonus to aimed shots, infravision, and 4x magnification. But ($1,000x32) = $32,000, so not easy to scrounge up.

HUD glasses aren't too bad. ($50x32) = $1,600. That's quite doable.
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