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Default Re: The cost of specialist Infantry

I'd rather the rules avoid scenario-specific units. (Especially without scenarios in tow.)

For value of the soldiers vs hardware - I'm not too concerned. The hardware is expensive. Given the small number of soldiers on the battlefield, they're all elite soldiers. Some just managed to get an extra year or two of training.

To make the specialists worth 4 VP you really have to take advantage of what makes them special. Put a Marine squad in a river as a speed bump for GEVs and Ogres, for example, or put a single squad of Rangers with a lot of INF in a town to anchor your line. If you don't get a tactical boost then two D1 targets are a better deal than one D1 target.

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
Why buy (for example) 3 MAR-HWT for 8VP each when you can get 4 GEVs for the same cost? Or 2 GEV-PCs + 6 INF riding them?
(...or a MkI...)

Your last comparison really drives the point home. 2 GEV-PCs +6 INF has lots of targets, better firepower, mobility in all the terrain Marines can use, and better speed in the clear and on water. With 2 GEV-PCs you could even risk the terrain disable as a gambit.

Consider a similar argument for Marine HWTs at 6 VP. And say that your armor budget is separate from your INF budget, so a GEV-PC isn't an option. When would you pick one D1 target over 3 D1 INFs? There are some rare cases - blow the reactor behind swampy islands in a river delta. In that scenario then maybe the double specialist makes sense, but letting "regular" HWT (or even a mass of INF) swim could be viable.

I don't think there's that balance at 8 VP.
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