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Default Re: The cost of specialist Infantry

My problem with this is that if you look at the different specialties in detail, the answer has to be, "It depends." Because while I completely agree that specialized training is hard and time consuming, how much of the "specialty" is training and how much is hardware? For example, take Marines. Yes, there's definitely a bit of training for how to use Marine battlesuits in water, but realistically the battlesuit does most of the work for you, making it mostly a matter of hardware. Same goes for HWT - yes there's some training involved, but most of the extra cost is for stronger suits and the weapons themselves. Certainly at least half the cost, since reloads are (IIRC) canonically 1VP. Combat Engineers, OTOH, are clearly more training than hardware - yes, there's some extra hardware there, but most of it is skill based.

So combined specialties really depends on how much of that cost is hardware vs. training. Hardware is cheap, and chances are extending (for example) a Marine battlesuit to carry additional stuff (CE tools, or Heavy Weapons) is cheap compared to the training required. There's also the question of point of diminishing returns - at what point does the cost of specialist INF outweigh their capabilities. Why buy (for example) 3 MAR-HWT for 8VP each when you can get 4 GEVs for the same cost? Or 2 GEV-PCs + 6 INF riding them? That's when (IMHO) they become scenario-specific, at which point the VP "cost" is no longer relevant; all that matters is the VP "value" in that scenario, which frankly could be 25VP per squad and it would be acceptable.

So, in closing I'll repeat my opener: "It depends." :(
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