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Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
One I just got was Spies in the Congo by Susan Williams about German and Allied spies intriguing to control uranium. I just started the book so I don't know how much it serves your purpose.

Apparently there was a thriving uranium mine in the region. According to the wiki U was used for photography, and as a glaze for glasswork, ceramic, and even dinnerware, the last of which sounds utterly insane in retrospect(nowadays when they use it for shot rounds they know enough to deplete it, then the whole point was that it glowed).
I am not sure if using depleted uranium is so much because it is depleted as because there is a lot of it around dirt cheap because you produce almost 200 pounds of it as a byproduct of making 1 pound of weapons grade uranium, or around 10-180 for reactor fuel grade uranium.
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