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Default Re: The cost of specialist Infantry

I concur with TomC completely.

Historically, specialist infantry were drawn from elite ranks (Commandos, Rangers, etc) and given weeks or months of specialized training to accomplish very specific objectives, usually in support of larger offensives.
Examples include UDT Frogmen, Pointe Do Hoc Rangers, D-Day Pathfinders, RAF Dambusters, Son Tay Raiders, LRRP's, MAC(V)-SOG etc.
These operations are hugely expensive in terms of training time, specialized equipment costs, planning & coordination and operational security. Doubling of VP costs is completely justified.

Such operations are also extremely risky (Desert One). The cost of failure usually does not mean immediate defeat, but can jeopardize chances for victory and hugely increase casualties. As such, they rely very heavily on the element of surprise. Detection usually equals failure - something that can be challenging to represent on the Ogre-verse.

All of this needs to be accounted for in scenario design. Specialist infantry should give the attacker a very good chance of victory if successful. Failure of the specialist infantry should tilt the odds decidedly in favor of the defender. The odds should be at least even or against the success of the specialist infantry.

VP's are one good mechanism to do this, but I believe consideration should also be given to the secrecy/detection element.

The struggle to decide whether its worth it to give up significant combat strength or other resources, in order to infiltrate an couple Marine HWT's in, undetected, to take out one or both of the Laser Towers of Navarone is a great exercise in strategic planning. Such scenarios may not be for everyone ( risky, complex, chance of inevitable defeat), but could also be good fun.

If the surprise element/detection element can be worked out, the large chance component within Ogre can make for a fun, if risky, game with specialist infantry.

Anyway, my $0.02. Worth what you paid for it.
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