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Default Re: DF Boxed Set Question

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
I'm pleased to report that this isn't true! You can have a template that just has you pick "One of the following" without regard for point costs of the different options. So not "30 points from the following, in 6 items", but just one (or six) items, and if they end up costing 6 points or 60, whatever.

It will show you the point cost for individual traits, which admittedly I don't see as a problem; if that's the issue you're highlighting, then design the sub-templates with a displaycost() of 0 and it will only show zeros until you're done and see the actual traits on your character.

If you don't want to see them there either, you'd have to tweak an output sheet to hide them, which is definitely more work.
The article doesn't give point costs, so you would need to reverse engineer them, and make the template, neither of which seems trivial for someone who isn't already pretty comfortable with both GURPS character creation and GCA. The bonuses to weapon damage from skills will need to be added to weapons. There's also the way that it lists skills differently, and the DP pool, both of which probably require some character sheet customization.

It's doable, sure, but I wouldn't expect people who lose interest in template based character creation to do it.

It probably won't even be appreciably faster than just doing it by hand when you are done, since it probably takes less than half an hour to make a pointless character.
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