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Default Re: 4e Cybernetic/Implant Question

Originally Posted by hal View Post
As the first reply correctly notes: this is YOUR game, do with it as you will. If you house rule something, explain WHY you're house ruling it, and chances are - your players will agree with your explanation. In addition, while the rules as written (RAW) imply that you need to charge X points for a given ability or capability, keep in mind that these are arbitrary costs assigned to arbitrary abilities. If you GM long enough, or have played GURPS 4e long enough, you will begin to note that some "things" are deemed to be too expensive for what the player is willing to pay for it. It is sort of like having a choice between a Dodge Vehicle at $15,000 and a Plymouth vehicle that is the same body and engine, but costs only $12,000. When something costs too much, it doesn't get purchased. Likewise, if you feel an advantage costs too much, or doesn't cost enough? Fiddle around with it and discuss it with your players. In other words, don't be afraid to experiment with things if you have to. ;)
I completely understand this is my game and I can change anything I see fit. I have no issues with that. I underlined my problem with GURPS in the quoted portion of your post above. I've been role-playing since 1988ish when West End Games Star Wars was brand new. Although I've owned GURPS 4e since 2005/2006, I've not been able to play it due to Life. Now that the stars have aligned and I've got a group, a roof, and time all at once, I'm trying to get an understanding for what the design team's intent with the RAW was before I start tweaking stuff (and I'm intrinsically lazy, if it meets my needs as written, I'm not changing it). Up until now, I've only played in a handful of GURPS games (as in count on one hand) so I don't have a lot of practical experience to draw on with it. I'm coming primarily from class-based systems or systems where psionics/magic/cybernetics are either given as part of the class or relatively cheap to buy (points-wise - for example, sticking with WEG Star Wars, every time you raise a Force Skill by +1, you pick a new Force Power to go along with it). What I'm finding is that the "generic" part of the title has been stressed so much that when it comes to concepts, abilities, and races that there are so many different ways to model something with abilities/limitations/enhancements/modifiers/etc. that I'm designing my own system. It feels like I'm trying to mold a puddle of water into a solid form as opposed to shaving a block of ice down into a sculpture. Very different problem-solving paradigms there. Does any of that make sense (without coming across as arrogant, not my intent)?
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