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Default Re: Question about the PDFs

The hexagon bases for minis, and whatever dice, pencils, and other misc. gubbins that crept in at the end of the Kickstarter (I've lost track) aren't in the PDFs the Kickstarter backers who signed up for "All The PDFs! EEEEEVERY ONE!" got. Oh. And the outside of the box isn't in there either.

Otherwise, yes, Everything is in the PDFs the Kickstarter backers got. Even the giant maps and Cardboard Heroes, although obviously the PDF doesn't come with the nice card board to print it on :)

Now what part of that is going to go on sale, and when, I dunno. The general posture from SJG has been "We want to give bricks-and-mortar stores an advantage" - they did this with e.g. Mars Attacks and Discworld recently.

If I had to guesstimate, I would guess anywhere from three months to a year of physical-only, although I suspect either three months or six months to be more likely than 9 months or 12 months.

So you might have to wait for Christmas.

Re gifting: I don't know if gifting product directly is available yet, but gift certificates are definitely a thing. Gifting a product has involved a lot of manual work involving merging accounts and crap; I don't know if they do it any more now that the certificate process is working.
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