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Default Re: Armor Mastery Question

Originally Posted by ham2anv View Post
Knowing full GURPS, that's how I'd run it, too. Unfortunately, that's not what the ability actually says. It says to raise the armor's effective DR by 1. If you are layering multiple armors on the same area, as written, each one should get an additional point of DR.
But, that is not how it works in DFRPG. Read page 109 under layering armor. Permitted inner layers grant +1-3 DR to the top layer (which must be DR3+) depending on the material.

So someone with armor mastery and wearing two layers of armor, the inner layer granting +1DR to the top layer that is DR3 (making it a total of DR4) get +1DR to that (or DR5) not +1 DR per layer.
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