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Originally Posted by RogerBW View Post
Writing for a specific performer might be respecting their limitations and/or showing them to best advantage ("I'm writing a show piece for Ivan Rebroff so I'll use all of the four and a half octaves that he can sing in") but I don't find myself convinced that there's enough that's distinctive about a performer that writing specifically for them would be a whole point's worth of knowledge.
Maybe it's a Hyperspecialization perk. I'm not entirely convinced it's a specialization of the songwriter though - presumably anybody else able to pull off the same octave range could sing your song as well as Ivan. What you've done there is write a piece that is *hard to perform*, not one that's "better" in some way, which would be what a bonus to your composition skill would seem to indicate. I suspect it's a trait Ivan has - maybe Hyperspecialization (songs demanding huge range) - instead, that gives him a bonus to perform your work, offsetting the penalty it imposes on anybody else for being ridiculously difficult.
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