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Default Re: 4e Cybernetic/Implant Question

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
The 3e rules had ridiculously deep discounts for not having cosmetically invisible implants or prosthetics (and IIRC no specific mechanical consequences for it). I recall it being fairly broken.
Sadly, I feel the same about the 4e rules. As for badly broken? All that is required is for the GM to look at it, decide if they want it, and remove it if they don't, try it if they do (and see if it works or not).

Simply pointing at something that was the old rules and saying it was badly broken doesn't make it so. As I pointed out earlier, pricing of anything in GURPS is largely by fiat. If enough people feel the price is worth it, they buy it. If so many buy it because it is effective for the price given - the question to ask isn't if it was badly priced and "broken" so much as to ask "why was it such a good buy?"

Case in point: Combat Reflexes. It doesn't equal the cost of the separate elements that go into Combat Reflexes, yet, it is deliberately discounted. So, does that make Combat Reflexes broken? <shrug>

In the end, some "Genre" conventions exist to get a given type of character built to do specific things. Discount them and that's a good idea for that Genre use ONLY, not necessarily across the board.

What MIGHT be a good idea? Is list all of the Cybernetic costs etc from both 4e and 3e, and list them/describe them as to what they do. Then? People can discuss those elements they like or dislike and why. To that end, I think I'll open up a new thread (in case the original poster of this thread is not interested in such things...)
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