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Default Re: 4e Cybernetic/Implant Question

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
I second Kelly's way of annotating it on the character sheet.

For the issue of paying for it, I typically say that for cybernetics bought at character generation to pay only points. Those gained in-play I charge money for; if bought in a period of gaming without significant downtime, I let them pay half up-front in $ and hit them with a few temporary disadvantages (such as Chronic Pain and/or Dependency) during the recuperation period in the meantime. They don't have to pay off these temp disads, but they do have to RP them.

This help?
While we agree in philosophy, I take it a step further and treat it in a slightly (and I do mean SLIGHTLY) different fashion...

Point cost for advantages that are bionic in nature (keep in mind that this is in MY games - not necessarily the way others do it or the rules specify) are paid for up front in character points - but not with cash costs.

Bionics acquired AFTER the start of character generation, get paid for in cash ONLY. The player character then has to pay for the operation itself (which usually has a delay time. Life threatening stuff can be scheduled quickly, elective surgery usually has a wait time of 2d6 weeks (2 to 12 weeks) before the scheduled surgery can be implemented. Then there is the issue of the doctor rolling his skill for the surgery. Then there are the HT saving rolls to avoid infection (usually a formality, but an 18 is always a critical failure!). Then there is the down time.

In short - the points paid up front represent all of the issues that can stem from the operation itself.

For the record - I really DISLIKE the cybernetic builds in GURPS 4e, and have returned to the original rules from either of GURPS CLASSIC CYBERPUNK or GURPS CLASSIC ULTRATECH. The "requires maintenance" is in my opinion buggy and in bad need of restructuring.

As the first reply correctly notes: this is YOUR game, do with it as you will. If you house rule something, explain WHY you're house ruling it, and chances are - your players will agree with your explanation. In addition, while the rules as written (RAW) imply that you need to charge X points for a given ability or capability, keep in mind that these are arbitrary costs assigned to arbitrary abilities. If you GM long enough, or have played GURPS 4e long enough, you will begin to note that some "things" are deemed to be too expensive for what the player is willing to pay for it. It is sort of like having a choice between a Dodge Vehicle at $15,000 and a Plymouth vehicle that is the same body and engine, but costs only $12,000. When something costs too much, it doesn't get purchased. Likewise, if you feel an advantage costs too much, or doesn't cost enough? Fiddle around with it and discuss it with your players. In other words, don't be afraid to experiment with things if you have to. ;)
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