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Default Re: Jet Spell cost question

Originally Posted by MIB.6361 View Post
For example:
Turn 1: Cast Flame Jet - Spend 2 FP
Turn 2: Maintain Flame Jet - Spend 2 FP
Turn 2: Attack with Flame Jet.

So before you can USE the jet spell, you have to pay for it twice? Am I missing something?
There is some confusion in wording because spells changed from taking effect at the beginning of the turn after you cast it (3e) to the end of the turn you cast it (4e). But in either case no, you cast it, pay the cost, and then get to use it before the maintenance cost comes due, it's just in 3e it comes due the start of your turn, and 4e at the end. So 3e:

Turn 1, Cast spell, turn ends
Turn 2, Roll for spell skill, Pay 2 FP, jet forms, attack, turn ends.
Turn 3, Pay 2 FP to keep the spell going if you want....

Turn 1: Cast spell, Roll for spell skill, Spend 2 FP, jet forms, turn ends.
Turn 2: Attack something, pay 2 FP to keep the spell going if you want, turn ends.

Same sequence, differs only in where you insert the two "turn ends" dividers.

I suppose if you could parry with the jet and only paid the cost for 1 turn, the interval you could do that would have shifted from after your 2nd turn to after your first turn going from 3e to 4e (i.e. from after you could attack to before), but most jets can't parry anyway.
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