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Default Re: Jet Spell cost question

Originally Posted by MIB.6361 View Post

For example:
Turn 1: Cast Flame Jet - Spend 2 FP
Turn 2: Maintain Flame Jet - Spend 2 FP
Turn 2: Attack with Flame Jet.

So before you can USE the jet spell, you have to pay for it twice? Am I missing something?
Yes, I think you're misreading how casting a jet spell generally goes. Jets are Regular spells. That means, you cast it, and you can immediately attack with it. There's no business of "Turn 1, cast and put in energy, Turn 2, either throw it or charge it further" the way there is with Missile spells. So jet spells are actually faster to cast than missiles, with comparable prices damage-wise. Their drawbacks are that a) they're expensive to maintain and hold "at the ready", and b) they're more limited in range than missiles.
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