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Default Re: 4e Cybernetic/Implant Question

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
if bought in a period of gaming without significant downtime, I let them pay half up-front in $ and hit them with a few temporary disadvantages (such as Chronic Pain and/or Dependency) during the recuperation period in the meantime.
That's actually another way of handling point-debt, too, if you don't want to just completely let the characters go into debt - apply disadvantages representing recovery from the surgery, learning to use the implants properly, and similar conditions representing relatively temporary stuff, equal to whatever points the character didn't have handy to pay for what they want, and just let them buy those off as soon as they have the points for it. So, using the original BOS implant example, if a character wants to get it, but only has 3 points banked, you could still let them get it, but slap them with, say, Wounded, to make up the extra 5 points, and representing the surgery point still being sensitive and easily damaged. In fact, this approach has the advantage that you don't have to force the player to pay off the points - if they decide to spend them on other stuff besides buying off the disads, it just means they're having an unusually-long recovery time, or adaptation period, or whatever, and the disad means they're not getting "free points" in the meantime.
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