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Default Re: Holy Warrior's Heroic Might alternative

Originally Posted by mljluk View Post
Just finished character generation, and one of the PCs is a Holy Warrior with Heroic Might 2.

It looks to me that this will involve too much on the fly maths in play for my tastes - particularly the varying encumbrance levels (which is important for the character in question).

I was thinking of using the following flat bonuses instead:

Heroic Might 1 - Thrust +2, Swing +(1d-1), -1 Encumbrance Level, HP +3
Heroic Might 2 - Thrust +(1d-1), Swing +(1d+3), -2 Encumbrance Levels, HP +7

(If for some reason the base Strength stat is required, assume +3 for Heroic Might 1 and +7 for Heroic Might 2)

Does this seem reasonable ?
Yup. I've done this in both GURPS and DF and it works just fine. :-)
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