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Briefly. The problem with making Scotland more important is much the same one with any timeline where you want to turn somebody marginal into a serious power. Henry doesn't recognize Scotland as an equal power largely because it isn't one. England has 8 to 10 times the population, and the economic imbalance is probably larger than that. . .
You are absolutely correct -- as far as Scotland is on its own.

Remember the Auld Alliance.

Independent Scotland was generally allied with France. Perhaps in the aftermath of a crushing Scottish victory at Flodden (Alternate History) the young & energetic Francis I could take more effective measures to cut back the power of England.

Then, of course, the Hapsburgs would get involved (IIRC Charles of Spain was a nephew of Queen Katherine of Aragon (the latter sobriquet was not just for show in The Six Wives of Henry VIII) and things can get VERY interesting . . .
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