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Default Does Asmodeus care how successful a ringer is?

it discusses "Ringer's" under Redemption in the infernal player's guide

where a prince arranges a incompetent servitor, who he could tell was allready was leaning towards redemption, to be set up with some angels as a redemption canidate, often times loaded up with phony information.

often hoping they'll do some damage upstairs with their incompetence.

it mentions one reason princes rarely do so, is because Asmoesdoes takes a very dim view of sending anyone to the other side for any reason.

Think he'd care how successful the ringer was?

or one that caused the collapse, of a divine tether through his incompetence, and the bad info he gave the angels, fell again and was debrief full of info prince would be treated as harshly as one where the r inger was truly redeemed, found themselves in heaven, is rehabilitated by the Faith their Archangel and fellow servitors show them, and heaven manages to laugh off all the garbage hell tried feeding them.
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