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some toughts about new Disads that would add to ADHD disad

Hyperactivity, have no idea how create this one
Something related to the Execution Deficit. ADHD causes something called Execution Deficit. Who have ADHD are less propensity to do things (In general) unless are of it's interest AND have a short reward recompense. This could be represented by a reduction in willpower rolls, because it's fell that we have less "fuel" to do the things.
Emotional Instability, in some level. But not in a bipolar level.
Also the hyper-focus can't be a advantage with 5 as cost because there is some limitations.
And ADHD CANNOT control when or even what give him hyper-focus.
There is some things that generally activate an hyper-focus state (someone can say: programming is my hyper-focus or writing is my hyper-focus) but it's just it, and ADHD cannot sit and say: "ok, i will enter hyper-focus to write)
Thinking about it, hyper-focus could be something related to one to three skills, anything beside this have a lesser chance to activate the hyper-focus state.
Also, to activate the GM would have to do a roll to see if the state will be activate or not, if it's activated then the PC HAVE to enter in HF state
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