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Default Re: Fantasy Mecha and Giants Armor and Shields

When I did my mecha versus giants game, I I scaled the giants' weight to the cube of their height, and then scaled their strength to the square root of their weight. Basically, A 30' giant was as strong, relative to his weight, as a 6' tall human.

Then I gave them inherent DR so that their punches were about as damaging to each other as a 6' human's punch was to another 6' tall human: this worked out to about 1/5th their ST as DR.

I didn't scale armor weight to the cube of height and then scale armor DR with height, though that would have been a good idea. It makes sense to me that maximum acceptable armor thickness (per DX penalties) is going to scale linearly with size.

That would have worked out:
Massive Giant: 30' Tall, SM+4, ST 160, Base Move 25, DR 35, BL 5120, wears medium plate with DR30 at 7500 lbs (Light Encumbrance). Wields a 30' long sword based on a 3.5" steel rod for sw+35 or thr+22 damage*, which works out to 19d+35 cu or 17+22 im (or 29d cu or 23d+1 im if you convert the dice). If he hit himself with his own sword, he'd do 9d damage past armor or ~48 injury.

The same giant could wear heavy plate, DR45, at 12000 lbs, but that puts him down to Medium encumbrance and a sword will still get through.

Still, unreasonable strong giants wearing thick and heavy armor looks like it works pretty well.

* I prefer to use the scaling rules from Supers p 119-121, but I suspect you'd get similar numbers from Low Tech.
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