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I like the Hyperactivity addition.

I think it is important to note that although I myself have suffered from some of the additional suggestions, I have also found pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies that aid in overcoming these disadvantages, even if only temporarily.

So in a modern setting, I would say there should be at least 1 drug type Mitigation available for each of these disadvantages, if not more than one disadvantage.
There should also be downsides to some of these mitigators.
One downside would be that only certain rare or expensive mitigators are able to completely remove all the disadvantages of ADD/ADHD and keep it's benefits.
Otherwise, the more common a mitigator is, the more advantages are removed along with the removal of the disadvantages.
This would represent the difficulty most of our tribe have in finding a suitable remedy for the downsides that accompany our advantage.
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