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Default Re: A Generic RPG from Fantasy Flight Games?

I'm sure I'll peek into a few forum posts about Genesys when it's released just to keep in the loop, as I have during the lead-up, but I'd be shocked if it had any direct impact on GURPS whatsoever. New generic systems are released constantly, both large and small, and apart from Fate Core and possibly Savage Worlds, they're barely blips on the radar. I personally don't think Genesys and its niche dice will make much of a splash at all (bookmarking this thread for posterity in the event it takes the gaming world by storm!)

Even FC and SW, while successful and popular, haven't affected GURPS in any meaningful way I can see other than possibly expanding the role of so-called "story game" elements in GURPS (which isn't anything new -- the mechanics have been there since day one).

EDIT: I should probably mention, I've been playing a monthly game of FFG's "Edge of the Empire" for the past year. The story and characters are great. I don't like the mechanics, especially the dice, even a little bit.
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