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Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
That is the intended way to use it. It's all POV, not setting truth.
I don't think that helps. It seems to be a setting truth that there ARE Nephandi, whatever their actual motives and methods are. And I'm considering not having Nephandi at all, rather than having them as a differently interpreted group.

This is influenced by there not being an interpretation suggested for Nephandi culture other than the "Nephandi are evil for the sake of evil" one. I can see hints at an interpretation of the Technocracy as having the right goals, even if their methods are flawed; and it seems as if a lot of other people have seen them, too, given the later publication of supplements that treat the Technocracy somewhat sympathetically. But I'm not seeing how you would interpret the Nephandi as originally good people who went too far.
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