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Default Re: [MH] Michigan Dogman - suggestions needed

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
I would play with the idea that it didn't exist until Cook made it up, at which point it had always existed. Retroactive tulpa creature. At the least Cook's claim that he made it up as an April Fool should be a red herring.
Another good idea.

We only play once every six weeks but I work so much overtime it doesn't leave me with a lot of time for adventure designing. At the most I show up with rough notes. However the group is really enjoying Monster Hunters (with only one player having experience with GURPS - and he had Phil Masters in his group so no pressure there).

They are forgiving of my lack of knowledge on all things GURPS Modern and Sci-Fi as I was strictly a fantasy GM with players who only liked hack and slash games. The new group is much more challenging but I'm finding it enjoyable.

Hopefully I have enough mystery for them to chew over for six hours.
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