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Keep in mind: all the different corebooks in the oWoD line were written with all the fluff being from that "type's" POV... the ones of the nWoD line I've read maintained that.

There is no singular objective view that's correct - sorting through the POVs is the GM's way of personalizing the game setting.
Sure. But where we're told, for example, that some of the Traditions like other Traditions more or less, and that the Traditions oppose the Technocracy but tend to see something to admire in the Void Engineers, and that the Sons of Ether used to be Technocracy but were driven out, and so onówe're told that the Traditions, the Technocracy, and even the Marauders agree on despising the Nephandi and destroying them on sight. It's kind of like the way Glorantha has gods affiliated with different Runes, who get along more or less, and sometimes have old quarrels, we also see that all of the various Rune cults hate Chaos. That may be officially relativistic but it looks a lot like inherent evil, in both cases.

And the Nephandi kind of come across to me as comic book villains. I don't really see them as the adversaries I want to make a campaign interesting.
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