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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
In general I wouldn't consider breaking teeth to be HP damage - it's quite difficult to die from breaking teeth.

However, it's not difficult to die from broken teeth. In a game where I was imposing Harsh Realism and this kind of detailed wound tracking, I would make a check for infection (p. 444) and note that you have a -2 to recover from the infection until your broken teeth are removed. Abscessed teeth are horrible, and can kill you via a number of really nasty ways.
I think one neanderthal skeleton shows signs of having possibly died from an abscessed tooth.
It's hard to imagine a location more prone to getting infected. It's the place where outside lifeforms gets mashed, warmed, liquified, and "bits" stay in.
At least "exits" and accompanying material had loads of time interacting with the immune system and symbiotic bacteria.
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