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Default Re: Hurting yourself Biting

It only takes 1 HP to knock out a tooth, you can pass the HT check to avoid knockdown when taking Shock on head injury but fail the HT check to avoid tooth loss on jaw shots.

Realistically you will suffer 1 HP max from hurting yourself on a bite of 5-9 damage.

I know from biting down on a piece of cartilage in a chicken burger last night that this can be extremely painful. I believe I did an All Out Attack: Strong on my burger and maybe scored a critical hit on it for damage multipliers. I had already secured a two handed grapple so I probably spent some Control Points for a "grab and hit" to enhance damage too.

Definitely took -1 to IQ and DX for a second. So I must have lost a hit point. Sitting around resting and watching TV the rest of the night allowed me to recover it.

I was already sitting so unable to tell if I failed my knockdown roll. Sorta lurched forward moaning. If I did, it wasn't enough to knock me out. No teeth broke off so must have passed that roll too.

Not enough to reduce me below 0 HP and start making Will rolls to remain conscious or HT rolls to remain alive... But I was uninjured. If I had already been at 0 or 1 HP, who knows, that hard spot in my burger could've been the last straw that shocked my already stressed system into shutdown.

If people can have heart attacks and die simply from fear or excitement, pain from a hard bite seems like it could also do that.
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