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Default Re: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 1: The Pagoda of Worlds

Originally Posted by GM Joe View Post
Yeah, I was surprised it had so many requirements.
How so? It requires the Basic Set and DF2, all of which are going to be in use if you're going to be playing DF at all, and two of the three monster books. As I see it, it's equivalent to a D&D adventure telling you to have the DMG and the Monster Manual. It's also not a lot more than were required for Mirror of the Fire Demon (where I forgot to indicate Basic as required).

Others are recommended, of course, but not needed.

Originally Posted by demonsbane View Post
However the GURPS DF sub-line still is out there.
This. This is for the GURPS DF line, not the DFRPG. Pagoda of Worlds was completely finished (from this freelancer's point of view, anyway) well before the DFRPG came on the scene and, I suspect, was only published now because the DFRPG took priority over all other GURPS-related projects late last year. The stuff you're seeing now is the GURPS backlog which is now starting to flow again. Checking my records, I see that I did the final review of the PDF a month and a half before I ever saw any files related to the new game. It was not and could not have been written with the DFRPG in mind.
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