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Default Re: Losing Hireling or Class/Race during combat

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
Sorry, I always forget the original Hireling doesn't work the way the other Hirelings do (in Munchkin 4 and 5 and so on). The FAQ you quoted is correct.
is description different in that hirelings? is it specified that item is not losed if you lose that hireling in description?

Without context, that might make sense, but what card are we talking about? Yuppie Water gives a bonus to Elves, but it is not usable only by an Elf, so if you are an Elf when you play (or someone else plays) Yuppie Water then stop being an Elf, there should no longer be a bonus from that card.
We could think in class efects. Their actions are similar to this issue with specific potions.
For example, i have read that Berserk bonus is not losed after you discard Warrior class.
I think it would be similar to effects given for specific potions (Yuppie Water), don't you think?

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