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Default Re: Incentive for using hands to stop torso grapples for combat trained

Originally Posted by Hellboy View Post

Seem to recall 2H staff parries having a similar rules suggestion somewhere.

Something attractive to extrapolate to all 2H parries as house rule IMO, including torso which function as them..
No the 2 handed weapon parry bonus is in reference to the fact that such weapons are good for parrying multiple attacks quickly because you have this great long parrying surface that you can quickly move and put where you need it, by dint of some two handed grips. The mere fact that it involves two hands (and that a torso parry in some aspects counts as 'two handed' in reference to GURPS rules) is not the salient point. Hence the text:

"If the GM decides that such claims are true in his campaign,
he might allow any ready Polearm, Spear, Staff, or
Two-Handed Sword weapon that’s at least two yards long
and wielded in two hands to use the following rules:" MA pg123

In my honest opinion you don't need to expand the bonuses of hands free parry here, it shines in specific contexts. I.e you can parry a grapple attack while doing something else with your hands. Now that might not be a benefit that can be quantified in terms of a numerical bonuses, but in some situations the mere ability to do so is a bonus.

However that is only my opinion, if you like the idea go for it!

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