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In which case then ending suffering is a good; it is ahimsa. But I see the nature of the WoD as being fundamentally cyclic, so I think a new universe would emerge in its place. At any rate what matters for relativistism is that the Nephandi believe it is a good.
I'll stipulate that from a strict relativist standpoint they could be so defined. But I'm looking at Mage 2nd, p. 54, and it says they "pursue the corruption of the Universe for its own sake," that those they serve are "entities of pure and unfathomable evil," "not merely evil—they are corruption incarnate," and that "all factions, even the Marauders, openly hate an obvious Nephandus." That doesn't easily support a relativist standpoint.

And I don't readily see a way to fit the service of demonic masters or the emphasis on corruption into the pursuit of nirvana you refer to. It seems way too active.
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