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Except encumbrance is focused on weight, and I'm worried about bulk. Basic specifically mentions that wearing armor doesn't make it harder to move if you know how to wear it, but the armored overcoat from high tech also specifically counters that statement.

I'm just trying to figure out if there is a any kind of comprehensive system based on tech level and protection value that I can use as a gauge for when and how much penalty to apply for bulk from such things. I'm getting the general sense that weight and encumbrance is it though.
Well and layering if you layer. The thing is armour was designed to not give such penalties if at all possible. (So I guess the rules for badly fitting armour may tangentially qualify for what you are looking for).

As to the bulk/weight split, if you think a particular item would be made harder to carry or wear due it bulk rather than is weight, than I'd rule on a case by case basis. E.g is some insisting on carrying 3 floor lamps at the same time. or less extreme just badly packed stuff (which I thought there was rules for but cant find right now)
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