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A relativistic view of the Nephandi is that the universe needs to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt because of the imbalance caused by the Weaver. It is like the thing in Promethea where she realizes that the thing trying to destroy the world is herself.
Isn't the Weaver primarily a Werewolf thing? I really don't know Werewolf at all well; it didn't have the attraction for me of Mage or Wraith. I kind of have the impression that the source of static reality in Mage isn't some primordial spirit, but the activities of the Technocracy.

But I'm also not sure that this solves the problem. If you say that the Nephandi are there to destroy the universe because the Weaver has put it out of balance, that seems to be making the Weaver, or the Technocracy, the objectively evil element. And then you still don't seem to have true relativism, because you still have objective evil, don't you?
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