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Default Re: [New Release] GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 1: The Pagoda of Worlds

I bought this because I thought was an Asian style adventure. Some things I really like are the idea that the chi energy creates a sort of barrier keeping the demons and Elder Things in. I also like the undead that are not evil just in a bad mood due to their temple being violated like the guilded zombies. Also the idea that the undead outside the monastary are rising up because the temple has been sacked and it no longer keeps them in their graves. The treasures seem pretty cool and fiit with the East Asian style.

The things I would have liked better would have been to not have standard DF monsters like toxifiers, and phase serpents and crushrooms. I would have paid more money to have new monsters that fit into this East Asian style adventure. So in general I think it is useful and some the stuff is really interesting but the standard DF monsters are just shoehorned in and seem strange.
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