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Default Looking for Layout professional for quick-turn project

I'm looking for some names and recommendations for what I hope will be a quick-turn project.

What is it?

Domstallin: Lost Hall of Tyr is what became of my "Grappling Smackdown" demo that I ran at the IGDN game hall for GenCon. I have expanded it into a full, if linear, scenario.

What's the status?

The manuscript stands at 16,571 words, and I expect it to change a bit as I finalize the document. It has already been copy edited by +John Adamus. I expect to have the true "final" manuscript ready to rock by the end of this weekend.

The manuscript is in Word 2013, in .docx format, and has extensive use of Styles for easier import.

I have a lot more ideas and direction to share already, but I'll take that off list once I get some names, so as not to spam the boards with my version of layout direction.

Hit me up with recommendations (including for yourself) at gamingballisticllc at gmail dot com.

I've got a very strong contender already, so if this project is of interest, please act quickly. Include a link to prior published work and/or a portfolio in your email, please!
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