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Default Re: [Spaceships] Passage Tubes? Stats? Cost?

Armor cost and weight wouldn't be too difficult to work out, using the armor design articles from Pyramid. You're looking at 1700 sf of fabric. There could be a discount for not needing any basic tailoring, but I think it would probably be too small to worry about. At TL 9 you're probably using magnetic liquid armor (high-end reflex armor), for 1088 lb and $217,600 per point of all-around dDR (dDR is doubled against piercing and cutting attacks). At TL 10, you'd use bioplas, for 765 lb and $459,000 per point of all-around dDR (dDR is tripled against piercing and burning attacks). At TL 11, you'd actually still be using bioplas, but at half the price. At TL 12, you'd switch to energy cloth, for 238 lb and $119,000 per point of dDR.

There may be a limit to how thick such an armored tube can get before it's unable to be properly retracted, which will result in some sort of maximum DR for each of the above materials, but I'm not certain.
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