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Dr. Chase is considered quite exceptional in his profession: he knew all those languages before the other Earths showed up, rather than gaining them through strange powers. While the group does not have a regular DM for D&D, Stuart tends to run it more often than not, having been playing it since the 1980s.

Having a permit does not mean that he's inclined to use his pistol, save for practice, or in emergencies - after all, the police tend to frown on that sort of thing.

His symbol charm cards normally bear one symbol each, being used as single-use symbol tokens, but some of them are prepared with two or more, for use with Parchment Symbol Casting. The rule that 'A person can only carry or use one charm created by a particular ritual at any given time,' (Thaumatology p139) does not apply to charms bearing only one symbol, but does apply to those bearing two or more.

His symbol fetishes are two of a group of medium-quality opals he found on a camping trip with Walter (there are a few places that let you keep any stones you find; it's called 'tourist mining'), and carved (very slowly and carefully, discarding and selling several mistakes) himself. The fact that they became enchanted far faster than his GURPS books indicate (one hour each, as per the Fetish ritual) was noted with interest. He has also gathered some onyx, lodestones, and fulgurites for the other runes he's skilled in (see 'Magically Potent Materials', GURPS Magic (for 4e) p222). By the end of 2013, he will have empowered symbol fetishes for all the runes listed above, and will likely have learned one or two other runes.

For critical failures, Stuart rolls on the standard GURPS Critical Spell Failure Table.

The wiki entry for Historical linguistics, for those who want to know; the listed sub-fields of study should be considered optional specializations, unless you really want your game to be that granular. The existence of those optional specializations are why it isn't just a specialization of Linguistics.

Information on the medieval Seven Liberal Arts as separate skills can be found on p32 of Low-Tech Companion 1, or Locations: Worminghall p8. Expert Skill (Liberal Arts) covers all of them (save Latin), but only shallowly. Hobby Skill (Liberal Arts) is possible, but would be very shallow.
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