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Default Re: Statting a GURPS magical house

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Doesn't the castle have doors that open to other cities? isn't that a form of warp? Or is that a function of a different character?
Here's how I would build that.

Warp (Tunnel +100%; Extra Carrying Capacity, Heavy +30%; Anchored (Three Sites , Moveable) -12%*; No Roll Required +100%) [318]. We divide the cost by 5 as it is internal only to bring us to a total of [64].

*Anchored is normally only available for one site but since it goes to three sites I figured I would use the 33% of the time, per accessibility on Powers p. 99, is -25% so, using multiplicative multipliers, times -50% for a single moveable site that enemies can watch brings it to -12%).

Another thing I would add to the castle:
Calcifer needs to be in the castle at all times, or the house starts to fall apart. I would build that as Dependency (Rare (Calcifer); Constantly x5) [-150] and add that to the disadvantage list.
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Congrats! You win the no-prize.
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