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Default Are there Weapon?

Info FAQ's:
Q. Exactly what is a "weapon"?
A. In a more rigorous game, we would have labeled all the swords, axes, etc. as "weapons." Try to use common sense, even if this IS Munchkin. As a general rule, any item that uses Hands and is not already labeled as something else can be considered a weapon, as can items like the Singing and Dancing Sword that are obviously weapons.
I have bought Munchkin 2, and i have seen a card that affects to a weapon.
I have read FAQ's, but i still have some questions about if they are weapons:

Shield of Ubiquity
it has +4 and it uses hand, but if we use common sense, it is a shield, not a weapon

Tuba of Charm:
it hasn't any bonus, and really it doesn't seem a weapon (if we use common sense, it wouldn't have really nothing to fight in a battle xD)

Spiky Knees
I really don't think it is a weapon, but i want to discard any possible diferent idea about this.
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