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Default Re: Can Eli Strike or Mend a heart?

Originally Posted by PenitentDemon View Post
or would That neccessitate him showing his face in heaven, likely leading to him being arrested by Dominic?
I don't know if he would get arrested by Dominic or his forces immediately. After all, they would have to know Eli was in Heaven in the first place. So if he found a way to 'sneak' into Heaven - maybe using some obscure Tether or two, not widely known to exist - he might 'do the deed' and vanish before anybody noticed.

Where do Angels of Creation keep their Hearts, by the way? I don't have my books around, being at work and procrastinating writing a court letter, but I think I remember reading somewhere that at least some of them deliberately hide their Hearts. Or am I mistaken? If they hid their Hearts, they would have to meet Eli on the Corporeal Plane, tell him their Heart needs mending and where it is stowed. Maybe giving Eli easier access to their Hearts in an emergency might be why they hid them, with hiding making it harder to just post a Reliever to monitor it and give a signal to the Inquisition as soon as Eli shows up?

Still, the most difficult thing for our unlucky Heart-cracked servitors would be finding Eli to tell him of their misery, at least if they wanted to avoid the Disturbance invoking him would cause. And even if they found him, they would have to get his attention and remind him that he is an Archangel and not a Bob Marley-cosplayer.

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