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Default Re: Statting a magical hut

A building I've always wanted to stat up comes from an old CoC adventure. The party is investigating an old mansion (I forget why) and they end up checking out the toolshed in the garden. The Gm reads the boxed text "Blah, blah, size, old rusty tolls, etc" and then accidentally reads the unboxed text of which was only one line: "Nothing bad ever happens in the tool shed".

So the party used it as an 'escape' clause, when things got bad, they retreated to the tool shed, safe in the knowledge that "nothing bad ever happens in the toolshed". At the end of the adventure they stole the shed and mounted it on the top of their station wagon... and nothing bad ever happened in the toolshed.

I've always wondered how to stat up such a shed of safety.
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