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Default Re: THS Adventure: Orbital Decay

For the upcoming convention adventure I'm working on, I've decided to move Vandegrift Station underwater, on a shelf off the cost of the Faroe Islands. Rather than, "Orbital Decay", the adventure will be called "Pressure" or "Under Pressure" (unless a better name occurs or is suggested to me).

I'm referring to the setting as 'Cyberpunk 2100' rather than 'THS', since the flavor is not very "THS"ish. I'm still keeping the THS tech description and general background, just with more Corporate power/greed etc.

Other planned changes ...
- PCs are a team of trouble shooters/security specialist with deep diving experience/capability, rather than EVA. Most will have SAS and US Navy SEAL backgrounds (with skill degradation).
- Team will be called into a Terrell-Dieskau Corp office in London rather than a different space station.
- After a fast flight to the Faroe islands, they will be flown to the area of the station via a Vertal/Osprey aircraft, rather than an OTV.
- Rather than a space walk, the team will need to dive down 100meters to an "upper" station, and raise a landing platform for the Vertal/Osprey to land on.
- The first "dead" body will be found attached/wedged to the platform rather than free floating.
- The PCs will ride a submarine elevator from the landing platform to the upper station, and a separate submarine elevator from the "upper station" to the "lower/main station"
- The main station will be in 300 meters of water.
- The main station layout will change, where the center core will have a chamber for the elevator, and a docking station for cargo subs. The orientation of the ring will also change
- The crash of the Vertal/Osprey will sink the landing platform
- The Negative Growth terrorist's OTV will become a cargo sub ... and Negative Growth may become Blue Shadow.


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