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Default Re: Statting a GURPS magical house

Originally Posted by huffmuffin9 View Post
Oh my this is exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks so much.
No problem, happy to help!

One more thing you should consider - the Castle is pretty obviously magical. However, the movie doesn't really address the question of "what happens when it goes some place with no magic". Of course, it's quite possible that in the movie's setting, there is no such place. However, for your game, you should probably consider that question. If there's no places without magic, fine, it doesn't need anything else. If there are, however, you should decide if such a location would simply make the castle shut down, and have to be moved away before it started up again, or if such a lack would actively damage it, eventually destroying it if it stayed there long enough (this could represent something like the lack of magic meaning it's no longer strong enough to support itself, and its own weight starting to break it, for instance).

If it just shuts down, you'll want to add the disadvantage No Mana Shutdown, for -20 points. This appears in Thaumatology (p. 119), and it's basically what it says on the tin - the object loses any special properties and can't move or act in no-magic areas. If it's actually damaged by no-magic zones, that's the disadvantage Dependency (Magic, probably a Very Common substance, and pick whichever frequency produces the damage you think is reasonable). Note you can have both of these!

Originally Posted by huffmuffin9
This is only my second time every playing GURPS (first fime as a player, now as a GM) so I had no idea that players weren't supposed to make their own allies....
Well, it's not some hard-and-fast rule. The Gods of GURPS will not smite down on you in furious anger if you let the players build their own Allies. :) It is, in my opinion, a better idea to have the GM do it, though, as I mentioned above. First, there some broken builds an experienced player can do with Allies (search the forum for the phrase "Pet rock" for an example), and having the GM do it removes any temptations for that. Second, I think Allies are just more interesting, for both the players and GM, if the GM builds them and doesn't show the players their sheets. That way, you can include traits that can come as a surprise to the players, and there's some uncertainty about their abilities that keeps people guessing. I find that if the players know the exact skill levels and such of NPCs, it encourages them to think about them in more mechanical terms, whereas if you keep their traits to yourself, it's easier to put things in terms of "Sniper Alice thinks she can make this shot", and then the players have to think "Is this an accurate assessment? Or does Alice have Overconfidence, and she's overestimating her ability?".

Incidentally, your house rule you mentioned about allowing Allies built on 10% of a player's total is a good one - so good, in fact, that it's already appeared in an official book. GURPS Zombies gave base costs for Allies for 20% (0.8 points), 15% (0.6 points), 10% (0.4 points) and 5% (0.2 points) Allies.

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