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Default Re: Ability to Ignore Weapon Material

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
In the game I am working on, I want some TL0 guys to have the ability to ignore the drawbacks of stone weapons. I think there are a few ways to go about this, and I am neither sure which is best or if I am missing any:
  • Rules Exemption Perk - Pros: Cheap and simple. Cons: Probably too cheap.
  • Imbuement Skill - Pros: Cheap if they are already invested in Imbuement skills (which they may, I haven't decided). Cons - Lots of parts and extra rolls.
  • Blessed Variant - Pros: Simple. Cons: May be hard to price.

I think I'd go with Blessed. As for pricing, well, what are the drawbacks that need avoiding? For breakage risks we've been using a per skill perk (Careful Parry [skill]) to negate those for years, but I think it's still a house rule. For reduced damage I suppose it's a limited version of Striking ST (only for stone blades or whatever). Are there any others? Probably comes in at more than 5 but fewer than 10 points.
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