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So what do you use them both for?
Well, I don't. The mission statement is part of the prospectus. For example:

_____ Capital. Urban fantasy. Mage: The Ascension.
For centuries, secretive magical orders have struggled over whose vision of the cosmos will prevail. Under Edward VII, London is the center of the world’s greatest empire and of international finance, and also the home of many magical lodges. Recently Awakened mages will ally to seek knowledge and power and defend each other against rival orders. Play will emphasize freeform magical feats and their tactical and covert applications—but long-term plots will focus on uncovering hidden truths and acting on them, including truths about the purposes of secretive conspiracies.
You may enjoy this campaign if you like roleplaying old-fashioned manners and customs; you’re comfortable with freeform magic rules.

The mission statement is in bold; the rest is not.

In other words, I feel it's necessary to say more than just the mission statement. What is the genre? What is the rules system? What is the premise? What is the setting? What will be the focus of play? (In the past, I used to discuss whether campaigns would be G-, PG-, R-, or X-rated, how violent they would be, and how realistic they would be; and there's some point to this, I think.) Who is this proposal aimed at?
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