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Default Cap on harmless control points

I was thinking, once you apply enough CP to reduce ST to 0 if you use the ratio rules DX is also there and going beyond that is extra security against subsequent escapes or if you want to get a bunch to spend on a big kove.

At some point though...this may not be harmless. Consider the difference between a maximum CP grapple of a ST8 human on a mouse vs a maximum CP grapple of a ST16 human on a mouse.

Sure the stronger human can get a tighter grip... But if you are going beyond the strongest grip ST of even a small human, isn't there some risk of hurting the mouse?

What I was thinking is, similar to how grappling with a cutting weapon inflicts half the CP as cutting damage...

What if to a lesser degree CP gained beyond that which takes ST to 0 has a chance of inflicting crushing damage?

For a ST10 human it takes 20 CP to reduce their ST to 0 so with a 1 DMG per 2 CP ratio like cutting weapons they would only need to worry against grip ST 22 or higher while a ST8 human would only need to worry about ST 18 or higher.

Mice on the other hand with ST 1 (2 CP) would need to worry about grip ST 4 and bigher.

This would mean realistically you would pull your grabs when trying to grapple small things.
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