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Default Re: Dragonflight 2017 Car Wars Tournament Results

Originally Posted by juris View Post
Edit: Put gates in those outer walls - let people escape lol
There are gates in the outer walls (painted black with all the advertisements on them) - the ones the players enter through remain open throughout.

However if you mean the thin walls (the red ones), those are intended to be solid to divide the arena up. And it produces some nice effects, such as the corner of doom which the final saw, where better than half of the finalists met their end.

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
I love it when a podcaster gets that much into the spirit of things!
I passed on the comment, and he appreciates your approval. (I think his words were something like, "Steve Jackson is listening to my podcast!!!") This was the second Car Wars final he covered in this manner. The first was with OrcaCon, where he interviewed the players as they got knocked out.

He's planning to continue doing this at the two conventions, so the next one should go up in January after OrcaCon. In the meantime, he's podcasting interviews with various developers around the industry (including an upcoming one with SJG's Andrew Hackard which was recorded at GenCon).
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